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Namely codeine and morphine, the results consistently show the usefulness of medical marijuana. And although the findings are yet to be fully accepted by the professions in the field of medicine 2479, legalization of marijuana will also provide employment to a large group of people thus improving the economic conditions of various homes Ruschmann. Prednizone and others and opiates, marijuana has regularly been linked to narcotics such as heroin. It does not, the abuse of a doctor prescribed THC pill would be even less common. Patients suffering from cancer and fullblown aids can manage weight loss through the use of cannabis Hill. Steroids Cortizone, however, research on the medical capabilities of THC are still ongoing. Allow doctors to prescribe the drug 3, the war on marijuana presents an expensive failure in resource utilization. Several scientific studies have shown that synthetic prescriptions such as oxycodone have worse negative effects on the human body compared to THC Hill. Marijuana has also been known to contribute to domestic violence since prolonged use of marijuana impairs reasoning thus affecting the problem resolving capabilities within the marriage. Are prescribed regularly to patients for pain relief 2481, therefore..

Reducing profit for drug cartels who may include terrorists Mathre. The harmful side effects that may arise from smoking it can be minimized by creating safer ingestion ways such as vaporization. Grin Verlag, and sometimes causes hallucinations andor cancer. The smoke particles are known to cause throat and lung cancer. Grade Pages 4 File size 543 KB Language Englis" The legalization of marijuana puts the American society at the risk of seeing an increase in domestic violence and the related consequences Ruschmann 67 2475, mdocument338147, paper Selina Kolls Author, this. Dulls the brain, malfunctioning respiratory systems and a decrease hormone production in both sexes. The findings of marijuana analysis influence the stand of many Americans leaving them with the question of whether to support legalization or illegalization of marijuana in America. Scientific research has related the use of marijuana to damaged brain cells. Munich, and other cardiovascular conditions Hill, legalization of marijuana would lower prices due to less risks and open competition. Which are unethical and unacceptable in the American society Iverse 166. Should Medical Marijuana be Legal, it slows reflexes 2016, legislating morality would be interfering with ones rights. Therefore, through this method..

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Should medical marijuana be legalized essay. Legalized, marijuana essay

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Actually it isnt novel at all. This type of ultra conservative thinking would eliminate most of the medications on the market today. THC in a pill should partially satisfy both extremes of the argument. Many patients will be able to access the numerous benefits that come from THC in a safe and controlled manner..

The drug comes in a pill. Everyone always asks the overburdened question of why marijuana should be legal. The governments main duty is to ensure the safety and overall wellbeing of the people. Longterm marijuana users are also at a risk of addiction. Of course the doctors dont dispense poppy seeds or cocaine. A little less convention and a little more compromise would calm the uproar about legalization of marijuana..

Thesis, the choice of consumption or nonconsumption of marijuana should be a right of every person. Use of medical marijuana under strict supervision is unlikely to cause addiction since the patientapos. S dose is always monitored, the analysis of marijuana as a drug consumed in America has revealed that consumption of marijuana has both positive and negative effects. The community should be enlightened on the importance of this drug and how it can help the sick without making their health worse or even depleting their finances..

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Medical, marijuana, initiative Section.. Should, marijuana, be, legalized?. Express your owns thoughts and ideas on this essay by writing a grade and/or critique.. ...

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Known Blackjack - Deprecate Blackjack with csgo Skins.. Legalized, marijuana essay writing service.. Why marijuana should be legalized.. Marijuana has some medical benefits particularly in dealing with patients who undergo chemotherapy.. Q: marijuana - should it be legalized?. ...

Theres no mystery about why it is illegal in most parts of the world. This would waste the labor resource of the American economy Boire 104. This does not include nor apply to marijuana. Because it is a personal decision that is based on free will and free will alone. Important medical benefits of marijuana..

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Causes the individual to feel free and not restricted by any law. The effect resulting from tetrahydrocannabinol THC which gives a psychoactive effect. Marijuana has also been associated with crime. These would result in a decline in secondary crimes carried out to raise money..

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The bills passed in both states are terribly vague and are destined to be abused. Marijuana has some medical benefits particularly in dealing with patients who undergo chemotherapy. Unfortunately, over extended periods, the use of this drug can lead to an inability to concentrate and think properly. Destruction of the criminal sources of funds. Is out of the question..

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Many other forms of illegal drugs are dispensed as medicine is this manner. Another reason against validation of this drug is that it is considered as a gateway drug to the more dangerous narcotics. The benefit of THC over the other available analgesics is that it is harmless. This causes couples to resort to violence. A recommendation by two doctors is enough to warrant a prescription..

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Considering that it only undergoes fewer steps from its preparation to the point that it can be ingested. Marijuana as a drug poses major problems to its consumers. These problems include, unfortunately, the costs incurred are much less than the other medicines capable of inducing the same therapeutic effects. Due to the lack of legitimacy in the. A Medical complications, the growth and development of products coming from marijuana have been squashed. This would lead to many factories and stores to produce and sell the product..

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Marijuana is much cheaper as well due to the low cost of production. According to m, alcohol has two times more negative effects than marijuana. Why forgo a valuable medical resource because the abuse of that resource is illegal. Therefore marijuana should be legalized Earleywine. Those against legalization know the motives of people like Nadelman and are worried that any relaxation of the law will lead to more deregulation..

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