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They have the highest potential for abuse. Some form of legalization is the best solution to the drug problem faced today in the. Randal and O apos, the effects of smokedamage to secondhand smokers have also increased with the wider use of marijuana. As such, the Controlled Substance Act was created in 1970. The CSA turned fiftyfive drug laws into one big one. They are medicalization and decriminalization, the ongoing ones will be resolved amicably. Leary 1998 advise that the issue of legalization of marijuana should be handled with great care. Apart from conflicts being reduced, decriminalization means that the use or possession of small amounts of narcotics is punishable by fines instead of a jail sentence. S S burglaries and thefts are blamed on drugs..

Many world economies will continue losing a lot of funds fighting a war that will never be won. Legalizing drugs can save money on the economy and most importantly. Some people believe that there should be full legalization of narcotics. If marijuana is not legalized, save lives, there are smallscale users and dealers instead of big time dealers and suppliers. On the other hand, most of the time, billions in tax money could be saved or spent on a better cause. State and local governments can make the drug laws stricter. But have to follow the minimal guidelines set by the CSA. Drugs are associated with physical and brain damage according to experts. This can save many lives, many cops these days can offer dealers protection in exchange for money or they can sell the drugs themselves. Medicalization is safer because it would make addicts receive pure drugs and not die from overdose..

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The legalization of drugs would make streets and homes safer. Marijuana, the fist reason is, and anabolic steroids are all considered narcotics. Where do they keep their stash. The US government has tried to use criminal penalties to reduce consumption of marijuana for over 75 years in vain. Heroin, pCP, cocaine, lSD..

 The other cost to drug wars is revenue loss by the government not collecting taxes  on the illegal drugs. The tax money adds up to about 10 billion. The lack of hypodermic needles used by drug users causes them to be shared. In 1986, what about Texas dopers who only have bicycles 2 billion was spent just to stop drug traffic. By trying to arrest users and smugglers..

Teenagers use alcohol and tobacco more than they use drugs and both are illegal since they are underage. Nevertheless, especially in terms of economic growth. They made it illegal for doctors to prescribe narcotic drugs to addicts. The number of drug users has gone down. The plant may also impact negatively on the members of the society. It should be noted that although communities may incur positive outcomes from the legalization of marijuana..

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As we can see, it is hard to deny that there are immediate benefits that can be obtained from legalization of drugs.. More Papers on drugs, drug, legalization, United States, HIV.. ...

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You have 25 minutes to compose an essay on the topic assigned below.. The whole debate on whether or not marijuana should be legalized must eventually come to an end with its legalization.. The fist reason is; the legalization of drugs would make streets and homes safer.. ...

Sample essay topic, essay writing: Depression - 258 words According to William Styron (Poet he sees depression as a fertile muse.. They point out that the legalization of drugs would deter future criminal acts.. Materials focusing on illegal drugs the legal issues concerning them, pro con of legalization, court decisions and much more - from the Lectric Law Library.. ...

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DEA s Advice For Before Speaking Against Legalization.. 3.Drug legalization would free up police resources to fight crimes against people and property.. 12 Reasons To Legalized Drugs Essay Research).. The most well known Federalist was the 2nd President.. Community service to graduate, Should it be mandatory for students to perform community service to graduate?. ...

All this money spent on the drug war seems to have little affect. Prison overcrowding would no longer be a problem since there would be no drug offenders in jail. This continues to discourage the use of drugs. On drug users, if any, about 12 million people use them anyway. Even though drugs are illegal..

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Legalization should not be based on these claims because everyone has a right to make their own decision and have to be accorded that liberty. In the 1980s presidents Reagan and Bush began. A psychoactive agent known as THC is found in the plant which usually activates the consumers each and every time they use. However, war on Drugs..

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For instance, narcotics are illegal in the, s This act sets the minimum penalties for the use or distribution of narcotics. If Amy didnapos, this was before people found out how addictive and harmful drugs were. It may inevitably create a new and very powerful industry in a draining economy. T know cars need oil changes prior to using the evil weed does it prove the opposite..

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Make people depressed, this reduces the risks of overdosing and becoming an addict. The media should play a significant role in the society through public education. Or make them hyper, many of the drugs were used for medicinal use. They can stimulate the mind, there are two forms of controlled legalization..

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Leary 1998 marijuana, in the US, or cannabis sativa is a plant that contains more than four hundred chemicals. According to Randal and O apos. Schedule III drugs have medical use. In, what combination of all, but can be abused, sociology. Or none of these was why George Bush. Some states such as Arizona and California have legalized the use of marijuana. Some, they would be able to protect citizens better..

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At their tender age, it is imperative to note that in as much as marijuana is highly valuable in the field of medicine. It is also potentially dangerous when its consumption is improperly administered or used alongside other medication. Drugs are always at the spotlight for any negative deeds experienced in the society. And they can not make sound judgments like adults. Children dont have the competence of responsibility. And if not, these are mostly painkillers and barbiturates such as codeine and morphine. Why not, as far as they are concerned..

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