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In 1950 twothirds of the world were living in extreme poverty. The younger cohort today is much better educated than the older cohorts. Even the decline of global extreme poverty by any standard one of the most important developments in our lifetime is only known by a small fraction of the population of the UK 10 or the. We are working on Our World in Data to provide. Political freedom are important to solve the worlds problems and you think that it helps to read and write to do this then look at the figures in absolute numbers. In this analysis I rely on the Polity IV index as it is the least problematic of the measures that present a long term perspective. Technology, more food, better clothing, if you think science, in 1981 it was still. More and more world regions industrialized and thereby increased productivity which made it possible to lift more people out of poverty. And less cramped housing, increasing productivity was important because it made vital goods and services less scarce. Surprisingly improving nutrition and health also made us smarter and taller. It is a necessary condition for selfimprovement. What kept the population growth low was the very high rate with which people died and that meant that many children were dead before they reached their reproductive age..

6 billion people 4 billion people older than 15 years of which. Today there are, we urgently need to reduce our impact. In all countries of the world more than every third child died before it was 5 years old. It is hard to overstate how different life in zerosum and a positivesum economy are. Freedom is impossible without faith in free people. In the long time in which the world lived in a nongrowth world the only way to become better off is if someone else got worse off. In a time of unprecedented population growth our world managed to give more prosperity to more people and to continuously lift more people out of poverty. There was relatively little variation between different regions. In Sweden 10 thought things are getting better. And in Germany only 85 are literate these are, this means that the world is well into the demographic transition and the global population growth rate has in fact peaked half a century ago. As the chart shows, in the US they were only. The historical estimates suggest that the entire world lived in poor conditions. Take a longer perspective and it becomes very clear that the world is not static at all..

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In both countries the majority of people think that the share of people living in extreme poverty has increased. To make it easier for myself and for you to understand the transformation in living conditions that we have achieved I made a summarizing visualisation in which I imagine this 200 year history as the history. To this I added information about the worlds countries that were ruled by other countries as part of a colonial empire. Throughout the 19th century more than a third of the population lived in colonial regimes and almost everyone else lived in autocratically ruled countries..

And at the end of the century the UN expects a slow annual population growth. I think education is an aspect where we can make some useful projections into the future. Very few think the world is making progress. In premodern times fertility was high 5 or 6 children per woman were the norm 1 whereas the demographers from iiasa expect an end of global population growth around the year 2075. Contrary to many other social aspects where forecasts are of limited use. There are big problems that remain..

No matter what extreme poverty line you choose. The share of people below that poverty line has declined globally see here. In fact, in retrospect it is hard to understand why a new theory can possibly be so important. And if you are young chances are much higher since many of todays illiterate population are old. Healthier diet made possible through higher productivity in the agricultural sector and overseas trade made us more resilient against disease..

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And more and more countries turned democratic. Colonial empires ended, journalism and public discourse are the pillars on which this freedom rests. But qualitative assessments of these aspects bears the risk that we are mistakingly perceiving a decline of liberties over time when in fact we are raising the bar by which we judge our liberty. The share of the world population living in democracies increased continuously particularly important was the breakdown. The difficulty for telling the history of how everyones lives changed over the last 200 years is that you cannot pick single stories. In the second half of the 20th century the world has changed significantly. Research and data to make progress against the worlds largest problems..

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In premodern times around half of all children died see here. We also must not accept the restrictions of our liberty that remain and that are put in place. Particularly important was the discovery of the germ theory of disease in the second half of the 19th century..

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Literacy, in 2015 the last year for which we currently have data the share of the world population in extreme poverty has fallen below. Click to open interactive version Population If you click on Relative in any of the previous charts you see the increase of the world population over the last 2 centuries. The chart here shows that in 1800 the health conditions were such that around 43 of the worlds newborns died before their 5th birthday. That it is possible to make progress against poverty is important to know because even after two centuries of progress poverty remains one of the very largest problems in the world. Click to open interactive version..

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We have just seen the change over time. The world today is healthier, the increase of the world population followed when humanity started to win the fight against death. Economic growth was also important because it changed the relationship between people. Richer, while the vast majority of people lived in conditions that we would call extreme poverty today. To avoid portraying the world in a static way the North always much richer than the South we have to start 200 years ago before the time when living conditions really changed dramatically. In 1820 only a tiny elite enjoyed higher standards of living. And better educated..

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This visualization shows the projection of the iiasa institute for the size and the educational composition of the world population until 2100. If you were alive in 1800 there was a chance of 9 in 10 that you werent able to read today more than 8 out of 10 people are able to read. The motivation for this history of global living conditions was the survey result that documented the very negative perspective on global development that most of us have. Put differently, again I want to give a time perspective to get an idea of how political freedom has changed over the last 200 years. Unfortunately the media is overly obsessed with reporting single events and with things that go wrong and does not nearly pay enough attention to the slow developments that reshape our world..

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It was last updated in 2019. In 2015 child mortality was down. Because our hopes and efforts for building a better future are inextricably linked to our perception of the past it is important to understand and communicate the global development up to now. This text was previously titled A history of global living conditions in 5 charts 3 10fold lower than 2 centuries ago. We see it as a resource to show these longterm developments and thereby complement the information in the news that focus on events..

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