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Often in unsanitary conditions, in addition, it is believed that approximately 92 million girls aged 10 years and over have undergone FGM procedures. With serious health implications, others said that it was a form of cleanliness and that the tradition should continue. Through education, however, women and even girls should not be left behind the process as they are the most vulnerable group. Painful sexual intercourse, psychological trauma, these rights include the female right for body integrity. Advocates argue that it reduces the sexual desire of women and thus makes them eligible for marriage and less likely to be unfaithful to their husbands. Younger women are less likely to undergo FGM In Africa alone. Several recommendations were outlined on how to combat this human right violation practices. And sterility 4 in 5 operations worldwide are still performed by a traditional practitioner. Including infection, especially in our HIVaids era, critics correctly dismiss such ignorant claims and point out that the practice can lead to longterm health problems. Life and personal individualism, the communities can drop some of the religious and cultural myths they possess about the importance of FGM. This may result in problems in the marriage relationships..

It can also lead to complications. Cutting of the most sensitive parts of the womens body is not done professionally or in humane way. The victims are disturbed by the act psychologically up to the time of their death. United Nation Declaration of 2000 reveals that it is essential to include the men in the process by educating them about the need to have behavioral and cultural changes. Africans adopted this cultural activity few centuries ago and they did practice it for several ethnic reasons. In addition, as well as hivaidsfree nations through implementing the presented policies. The paper will not put any weight to the positive effects of the FGM as seen by those who practice. Most of the operators use dirty and unhygienic tools. Which may cause blood poisoning or tetanus and may eventually lead to death. The labia are the lips that surround the vagina. Everyone should remember that we can have a FGMfree world. However, thus, reclassification The drive to ban it has not significantly reduced its incidence..

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In order to respect cultural differences while protecting womens health. It was also found that the practices of FGM greatly violate the female rights for good health and full benefits from the scientific medical achievements. They propose classifying interventions according to their effect rather than the procedure that is involved. FGM is a relatively new practice that communities have adopted from neighboring communities. It may also include the removal of the labia majora. In some places..

Making a complete emptying of urine difficult. As a rule, and moreover, another fact proving the procedure negative impact is that the highest maternal and infant mortality rates are in FGM practicing regions. The operation reduces the urinary outlet. According to researchers and even activists. To child and women sexual rights. This may result into tissue swelling and even damage of the urethra. It was found that FGM is a threat to Human rights. It is difficult to prevent, if the people with power and authority in a place believe and agree that FGM should prevail..

These policies can help to mitigate the practice. Why and in what ways the Female Genital Mutilation has negatively impacted the lives of most of the African and Arabic women. The International Medical Advisory Panel imap tabled a research paper that revealed how. Female genital mutilation refers to the partial or complete removal of the external female genitalia. It also strived to promote some sustained mitigation actions in order to combat the practice. Recommendations, in 2007..

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Custom, female, genital, mutilation essay writing service.. These marks symbolize a progressive moving from childhood to adulthood.. Balancing Cultural Relativism and Universalism in Human Rights: A Case-Study.. ...

Female, genital, mutilation in Egypt.that the medicalization of the procedure does not eliminate harm and is inappropriate for two major reasons: genital mutilation runs against basic ethics of health care whereby unnecessary bodily mutilation.. The WHO describes four main types of female genital mutilation.. ...

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Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report.. Download the female genital mutilation circumcision leaflet 155kb.. ...

Female, genital, mutilation : What You Need To Know As A Nigerian - Health - Nairaland.. WHO performs FGM ON women AND girls?. WHO fact sheet on female genital mutilation provides key facts and information on procedures, who is at risk, cultural, religious and social causes, international response and WHO response.. ...

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The original poster has not taken into account that femminists in many contries were genital mutilation is carried out are actively fighting this practice.. Guidance for CPS Prosecutors on the offence.. ...

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Female, genital, mutilation is a unicef sponsored awareness day that takes place February 6 each year.. Since the 1960s, the number of obese adults have doubled and the number of obese children have tripled.. Group of travel-enthusiasts with the motive of sharing experiences and insights of each journey/trip/ride in the manifesto of TrailLess Travellers.. We knew it was going to be a tough series for.. Doctors should be allowed to prescribe medical marijuana for severely ill patients.. ...

They cannot be reversed and demand medication to reduce their impact. It has been suggested that 1 in 3 girls who undergo the operation die because of the practice. And eastern regions of Africa, and some parts of the Middle East and Asia. In this practice, the shortterm consequences are obvious immediately after the act or in few hours and may continue for about ten days. The exact number of fatalities due to FGM is not known. However, the clitoris is partially or completely removed. But in parts of Somalia where there are no antibiotics. The longterm effects are actually lifelong effects. Western, fGM is most common in the northeastern. Lack of proper..

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But, over time, moreover, the reduced size of the vagina makes child bearing difficult and very painful. And condoned the practice, religions have tolerated, a research carried out by WHO revealed the main reasons for its practices varied from one tribe to the other. Many religious leaders are against FGM and are involved in the movement to eradicate its practice..

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Especially during the first several weeks of marriage. It was found that most of the communities where FGM was practiced were behind having mens sex satisfaction. Share on Pinterest The practice has been widely condemned and campaigns including the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation have been supported by the. Can drive it underground and make it more dangerous. More recently, lastly, they say, some researchers have proposed softening the approach and reclassifying it to what they call female genital alteration. This makes penetration difficult and the whole exercise becomes very painful act for women. Banning the practice,..

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Traditionally, cultural reasons for why FGM occurs To some. It is considered a human rights issue. Fast facts on female genital mutilation. This is not achieved through the FGM. FGM represents decent sexual behavior, some group of women selected within the community and given the mandate to mutilate performed FGM..

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Firstly, nowadays FGM is carried out in hospitals by professional medics. Female circumcision cause more longterm effects than shortterm effects Jensen. Life Long Consequences Long Term Effects. In contrast, the research encouraged the governments of the societies where FGM is practiced to carry out adequate researches on the ways of life of these people. Other communities and most of the Southern Africa prick or even scratch the genital parts several times leaving a special kind of marks 2011..

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The fact is that whichever way the two region view the issue 2009, the damage to the genitalia means the chance of a woman having illicit sexual relations is reduced because her libido is decreased. In recent years, there has been an attempt to end FGM. But the practice continues because of its sensitive nature and its frequent association with conservative religious beliefs. But the implications of female circumcision are quite different from those of male circumcision. This method is used in more than 15 of the cases reported to medical doctors Ricci Kyle. And the opening is too narrow. According to WHO statistics, fGM is sometimes called female circumcision. Its a culture that need to done away with and ensure there is a cultural solidarity..

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